Paul's 1981 Conversation w/ Hunter Davies


debjorgo: John's singing in his weak 'demo' voice. Maybe they should had let AI fix that too. Oct 14, 2023 10:15:11 GMT -5
hofner61: Now and then the original Beatles recorded some duds, has another dud just been released under their name ? Nov 3, 2023 1:31:31 GMT -5
debjorgo: Now and then, they do release a dud. Ha ha! I'm gonna steal that. Nov 3, 2023 8:01:23 GMT -5
hofner61: Go for it debjorgo. :) Nov 3, 2023 8:18:51 GMT -5
hofner61: How good is the Now and Then official music video, i've watched it multiple times, this tracks a bit of a grower with that clip accompanying it. Nov 4, 2023 2:39:17 GMT -5
debjorgo: Now and Then is number 1 on iTunes Nov 5, 2023 9:00:36 GMT -5 *
John S. Damm: I was a purchaser of Now And Then from iTunes so you're welcome Apple! Nov 5, 2023 13:09:18 GMT -5
hofner61: So far i've only downloaded the youtube clip of Now and Then. Nov 5, 2023 20:30:37 GMT -5
hofner61: I think i might have to wait until the Red and Blue 2023 CD's are in the bargain bin before i shell out for them, i'm as Tight A$ in my old age. Nov 11, 2023 7:20:06 GMT -5
debjorgo: Retired, I put a little aside for the Beatles. I cracked and bought these. I was saving for something a little better than remixes, but.... Nov 11, 2023 22:13:33 GMT -5 *
hofner61: According to MeanMrMayo's charts watch Taylor Swift is more popular than the Beatles in 2023. Nov 18, 2023 0:37:25 GMT -5 *
debjorgo: Last week, Taylor had the top 3 songs on Billboard, 8 in the top 10, 13 in the top 20, 20 in the top 40. Nov 18, 2023 9:36:56 GMT -5
hofner61: Wow, she must be popular in the USA, i don't recall ever hearing her songs. Nov 18, 2023 22:03:53 GMT -5
hofner61: Almost 3 weeks after Now and Then was released it appears to be fading from mainstream conversation and promotion and it's now falling down the charts. Bye Bye. Nov 22, 2023 7:44:15 GMT -5
John S. Damm: Now And Then was #7 week 1 in U.S. then fell to #76 week 2, yikes! Come on Beatles' fans: don't we want to win?! Nov 24, 2023 22:20:41 GMT -5
debjorgo: I did not pay extra cash for a single I don't need. I consider that a win! I did sort of think of buying the Red and Blue as supporting the release of physical media. Who knows when the Beatles might think it's not paying off and quit releasing it. Nov 26, 2023 12:27:41 GMT -5
hofner61: Beats and Threads, drum kits and clothes, can you hear the drums Fernando ? Nov 30, 2023 21:37:49 GMT -5
debjorgo: Just saw on facebook, Chad Allan, the original singer for the Guess Who has died. I had a thread around here somewhere a while back, where I posted a bunch of Guess Who songs, many of his included. Dec 2, 2023 16:29:35 GMT -5 *
hofner61: If your feeling a bit underdubbed does a doctor prescribe you a pick me up ? Dec 5, 2023 6:31:16 GMT -5
John S. Damm: I thought underdubbed meant that one has already purchased the album Band On The Run multiple times in its many reissues! Dec 5, 2023 17:55:40 GMT -5
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